Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pensamentos de Verdade

What's that language? It's simple Portuguese "truthful thoughts." This blog is dedicated to those truthful thoughts that I have come to know in my life.

I once heard a wise professor proclaim "knowledge should be made known, so that Truth (with a capital "T") could always prevail over falsehood." Yet, how might one find such Truth, and from what sources does it come?

Early journalists believed truth to be definite and discoverable. Many believe truth to be an inalienable, natural right. People need to know the truth, and deserve to know it. Journalists dedicate themselves to such a cause.

So I rally with my cause--to dig for the truthful thoughts that exist within each one of us. Just as a waterfall supplies a continual supply of water, I plan to give you a fresh view about divine truth.

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