Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confession of Geek Genes

Year Two, Day 12: Super Nerd!
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Okay, I admit it. I am full of geek genes. There is something about learning new knowledge that is invigorating. Still, I have always been the kind of person to hide my inner geekiness. Although I read frequently, I generally do it in my room with a closed door, and library trips are often just described as “I’m going to campus for a couple of hours.”

If one was to check my internet browse history he/she would find frequent visits to dictionary.com (but never when anyone is looking, of course), farm facts pages and current news sites.

Still, until recently I was able to keep my geek genes in check. Generally people associated me with the “people-pleaser” or the “entertainer;” but when I started a new job, I was asked to take a personality profile quiz called StrengthQuest. Any guesses on my top strength?


WHAT?! It is out in the open people. I love to learn, I am a proud geek. Call me Artemis. StrengthsQuest is absolutely correct when stated the following about me: “you get a thrill out of learning new facts, beginning a new subject, and mastering an important skill. Learning builds your confidence.”

It is true—learning does build my confidence. I love to figure out html coding for Web design, try out a new writing strategy in journalism or design a newsletter in Adobe InDesign. I even admit I am enjoying the challenge of my graduate statistics course. When I opened the book and saw the complicated formulas, I thought I would faint; however, as I have applied myself to learn the material I have found a new confidence. I can learn statistics and I love that.

Such statement is a testimony to my new found strength. A learner “enjoys the process of learning as much as you actually learn—perhaps even more.”

So people, it is not that I actually am a geek, I just love learning how to become a geek. Phew, my secret is safe.


That Girl said...

We're sisters through and through, girl. Let it all hang out.

Sylvia said...

Tamara, did you ever know that you're my hero? Seriously, why would you ever be embarassed that you love to learn stuff? I've been trying to be a more ambitious learner. Loving to learn is not an easy talent to develop, so you better NOT be hiding it, cause then how will the rest of us learn from you? Huh? Teehee...;) But really, you are awesome. And I miss you terribly. Come visit? Pretty pleeeeeese? If I bribe you with Olive Garden will that work? Yes, I know, sometimes I try to buy my friends.