Thursday, August 6, 2009

Raindrops Falling on my Head

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Growing up in Utah, I thought rain was a rare occurrence. Generally if there was anything falling out of the sky it was "white stuff" Bambi described. Sadly, I spent more than 20 years of my life believing a good rain storm lasted 30 minutes.

To capture the experience of a Utahan discovering an actual rainstorm for the first time, I have created the following dialogue:

Non-Utahan: Looks like it might rain today, don't you think you should take your umbrella?
Utahan: Umbrella, what for? I've got my ball cap. I'll be okay

(rain begins)

Utahan: (wet) Man! It is really coming down out here!
Non-Utahan: Nah, this is just a good sprinkling.

(pouring begins)

Utahan: (soaked) Shouldn't the National Weather Service be issuing a exvacuation plan?
Non-Utahan: What?! Why?!
Utahan: The streets are flooding, doesn't that constitute a monsoon or something?
Non-Utahan: Flooding? Monsoon? Are you kidding me, that's just a big puddle.
Utahan: A puddle?! Its the size of Lake Powell; somebody could drown in there.

(30 minutes pass, pouring continues)

Utahan: (really soaked) Shouldn't the storm be over by now?
Non-Utahan: I don't think this one is leaving soon, the forecast said it would be here all day.
Utahan: All day?! What is this place, Noah's pre-ark practice field?

(Utahan becomes miserable, the rain drips from her face)

Non-Utahan: Are you sure you don't want to share my umbrella?
Utahan: I thought you'd never ask. Monsoons can be rough on the baseball cap.

(Non-Utahan smiles. Another Utahan has discovered REAL rain.)


Katie H. said...

I loved the dialogue! You are so clever :-)

Techno Kath said...

Hahaha. I couldn't stop laughing while reading this post. I totally understand what you were saying from living in both places. I missed the weather we get in Oklahoma so much when I was at the BYU!