Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It just made me smile

Languages can be goofy especially when the same word means something totally different in another language. For example, when we are embarassed by our language skills in Mexico we may want to claim we are"embarazada" only to figure out we just told everyone we're pregnant.

However, as odd as it may appear the word "fart" has many different meanings. While I was a missionary in Brazil, I encountred "fartou" meant "filled." I was sitting in a lesson with some people and we were talking about Christ instituting the sacrament among his disciples. While the topic was sacred, I must admit I got the inside giggles when I read, "They ate the bread and water" and "fartarm (were filled)."

So today, I refer you to one of my dear companion's blogs. She's living in Denmark right now and learning that "fart" means "speed" in danish. Who Knew? Check out some of the goofy signs she found there, they are good for a laugh.

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