Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: A pain in my behind

I caution all my readers, this post may contain too much pessimism, so read with caution.

The theme of 2009: A pain in my behind.

The year began in a pool of a most beloved country--Brazil.
I got sunburned. Do you know what it feels like to be on a plane for more than 14 hours with a bright red back?

January:Two weeks later I got some kind of stomach flu--I watched 18 hours of Lonesome Dove. Passed out on the couch. Ate crackers and drank Gatorade.

February: Applied for a job. Hopes high--good mullah--lady smashed hopes. Cried a lot.

March: I turned 25. Lost my health and car insurance. More bills

April: Big blur. Panic sets in for a new life.

May: I graduated from Utah State University--following my graduation, my family and I spent 2 hours searching through the dumpster for my little sister's clear plastic retainers (retail: $400).

Got into graduate school. I moved away from beautiful mountainous Cache Valley and my Dad lost his job.

Drove across the west to the mid-west: Utah, Colorado, Kansas (loved it), Oklahoma.

June:I started an amazing life in Oklahoma. (No sarcasm here--love Oklahoma...)

July: Get kicked out of my apartment by new tenant. Have no place to live.

August:I met my dream cowboy. He took me to meet his horse. He asked for my number. I was on cloud nine. The next day the Relief Society President was on my doorstep. He was married. Cloud hit by lightening. Now he dates a girl the same age as my little sister. (7 year difference :) )

September: Called Martin Harris. Worked an 60 hour week.

October: Roommate started dating--boy spends the night. Roommate blows up at me--I'm judgemental. Other roommate has a liquor party.

November: Wrote three 15-page papers. Two in one week. Cried a lot. Gained 15 pounds since June.

December:Traveled from Missouri, to Kansas, to Oklahoma, to Utah in 24 hours. Met my loving parents at the airport. Saw beautiful mountains, snow, rural streets and familiar faces.

Rode in my rusty-red truck to Logan. Played with friends. Cried some more.

Came home, got the flu on Dec 23.
Flu got worse, sniffles and hacking began.
Visited the doctor Dec 28--Have bronchitis.
Hacked all the way to Arizona to visit family.

Summary: 2009 was a pain in my behind. Call me a pessimist.

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Sylvia said...

An optimist stays up to see the New Year in. A pessimist waits to make sure the old one leaves." -Bill Vaughan (I just read this on my friend's blog- Happy New Year! Love ya!)