Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uma Porta Abriu

Open Doors
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Uma porta abriu, describes my feelings today--translated it means, a door opened.

Have you ever found yourself in life feeling like all the doors were being shut, and all the answers to your prayers are "wait" or "no." Honestly, I detest such life situations, but the truthful thought of those experiences is I grow immensely.

My life, like most, tends to follow the "wait" pattern. I can almost hear Heavenly Father declaring the favorite words of my brother, "Waaaiitt for it, waaait." When I think I cannot hold on for a second longer, my prayers become more intense and my soul begs for more strength.

Last night in such a moment the words of Ether 12:6 came to my head:

Wherefore dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

Such an enlightenment helped me to understand once again that life is all about patience testing. No matter how much I want something or how bad I want it, the doors of life do not open until I am fully prepared to enter in them.

Today, I glory in the fact a door has opened. I passed another test. I am interviewing for an agriculture field study position next week. During economic hard times, I have been offered the opportunity to interview for a job that offers full benefits. If I am allowed to step through the door I can stay close to family, horses and the agriculture I love. Most of all, I believe I can make a difference.

But if not...a better door shall open and greater patience shall be achieved. For my patience's sake, lets pray that I have found my door.

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That Girl in Brazil said...


That's wonderful, Tamra. I cannot express my excitement for you in a little two inch box. Let's just say it's a LOT.

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