Saturday, January 17, 2009


Perdido in Portugese has many meanings, but mostly it just means lost.

I pose the question to the bloggersphere, why is it we are so ungrateful for the things we have U-N-T-I-L we lose them?

As a graduating college student, I never realized the value of car insurance, health insurance, heck...any insurance... until I realized I am going to lose it. Did I ever once say thank you to the loving dad that has given it too me for so long? Thanks Dad...(I guess I finally said it).

What about health? I have spent the last four days on a couch wishing there was such think as a stomach trader. I have not eaten hardly anything but crackers and drunk anything but gatorade. I have moaned, groaned, twisted and braced against stomach pain...however, only then did I realize the value of health.

As we rise every morning do we even realize the great gift of health? To run and not be weary, to walk and not faint--what a blessing.

Thanks God.

Do yourself a favor, be grateful for what you have today, go hug something before you lose it.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Can I hug my eyes? I'd go crazy without them.

Or better yet - YOU!

ESPOSA TPM said...

é complicado mesmo. Eu todo dia fico enjoada, vomito, tenho muito sono e falta de vontade de fazer nada...e reclamo e reclamo e reclamo...
ai lembro que tudo eh calsado por um bebezinho que esta crescendo dentro da barriga, uma bencao que pedi ao Pai Celestial e ele me deu...e me arrependo de reclamar...é dificil mesmo neh?
bjo pri rebicki

The Watsons said...

Tamra, so true! I only kept a gratitude journal once, and it's amazing how much I forget to be grateful for....

Are you feeling better?

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