Tuesday, November 11, 2008


American Flag
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"Liberdade" in Portuguese means Freedom.

Today is Veteran's Day. As part of my celebratory experiences, I watched a flag ceremony carried out by the Utah State ROTC, and Air Force. As part of that ceremony, 13 cannons were fired to honor the Utah State University Veterans who had participated in 13 different conflicts/wars.

Words cannot adequately describe my feelings listening to those cannons. It was if a mirage of soldiers appeared in my mind chanting, "Remember us and be grateful."

How often do we remember those soldiers, who on this day are in foreign lands fighting wars so that we may continue to go to school, work, and on family vacations?

The opposite of Freedom, is bondage, "a state of subjection to a force, power, or influence." A state in which upon circumstance we would be forced to do all things. Sometimes we enter war to prevent others from being subjected to such bondage.

The idea between freedom and bondage has been fought ever since the world began. God fought for our freedoms, when he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to win the war over sin. He formulated a perfect plan in which we can return to our perfect home once again. Do we remeber the ultimate soldier who fought with blood from every pore to give us our freedom?

Sometimes no. Because that 'ole serpant Lucifer, continues to make war with us, God's children, to bring us into bondage. He advocates war, places hateful and power-hungry thoughts into our hearts. He wishes us to forget all those who have made a sacrifice for our freedom.

Let us stop yielding unto him, and follow our True Leader--the one who desires our freedom.

So, today on this veteran's day. I just feel grateful. I am grateful for the promised land of America. A place where I can know of the true God, because of the many soliders that fought for religious freedom.

In short, I am proud to be an American, and I hope that God will continue to bless this land as we remember those who fought for our freedoms.

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Make me cry, whydontcha.