Sunday, November 2, 2008


Saddle Bronc Riding
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Por que in portuguese means WHY?

Ungratefully, sadly, and unfortunately, that is how I have been feeling these past couple of days. No matter how many blessings I count, activities I do to try to persuade myself from asking such a childish word, it still comes....

In some senses, you could compare me to Laman, and Lemuel. I've been murmuring my way through life. Why don't I have this? Why do I have to make this choice? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Why?! The answer comes, because you need more patience

Why?! Because you need more humility
Why?! Because you need more charity
Why?! Because when you are in tribulation, that is when you are at your best--teachable

Why?! Ultimately so you can become more like Him above

Life always has its whys, and how comes. "The Lord descended below all things, are thou greater than He?"

Of Course Not. So I must be content wandering in the wilderness, until I find my promised land....argh, WHY?

Because the only way out is THROUGH. Hold on to the horn, stay in the saddle, because this life horse is going to buck hard.

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ESPOSA TPM said...

PORQUE sempre nos sentimos assim neh?
homem natural...nosso maldito homem natural...que precisa ser arrancado de nós ... e eh dificil permitir isso!