Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wheaties For Breakfast

Its amazing that one box of cereal had so much success in its day; when I was kid, a bowl of wheaties for breakfast ensured athletic victory. However, as dazzling as the success seemed I always preferred the magical Lucky Charms or the Trix "that was just for kids."

Today, as an adult, I realize why Wheaties--a cereal higher in fiber--is a better choice for breakfast. What one eats in the morning, sets the tone and the mood for the day. For example, yesterday I woke up and ate Mini-Wheats with milk and a fresh peach. I arrived at work motivated to write profiles, study statistics and do anything else necessary.

This morning, was a completely different story. I overslept (first mistake), and then opted for crescent rolls for breakfast (I will not admit how many). Since the flakey-butter fattening bread did not completely fill the tank, I opted for some chocolate pudding. Although it was good at the time, the side effects have made me tired and lazy. Honestly, I feel like curling up like a kitten and sleeping the day away.

Its amazing how choice affects everything in life--even when it comes to breakfast.

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The Leakes said...

SOULMATE!!! I just finished catching up on your blog for the last two months of your life. Ah, Tamra, you are truly inspiring! You are doing great things with your life and I must say that your writing is AMAZING! Look how far you have come my dear friend! :) Anyway, hope that things are going well for you and thanks for brightening my day with your deep thoughts! Love you!