Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Facelift of New Things

I did it. I got a face lift room lift. I felt like it was appropriate for the new year. As soon as I got home from the holiday break, I switched my desk and my bed. My bed now sits on the south wall, and my desk on the north wall.

I'm excited for the changes my new room shall give me. For one, I no longer have to share the wall with my housemate, which gives me more independence. Plus, have you ever tried to go to asleep at night while your housemate and her boyfriend are whispering sweet nothings to one another? Its not on my recommend "Ten-Things-You-Should-Do-Before-You-Die" list. Especially when conversation stalls and the intermission of musical slurping starts. The visual image is not "G" rated.

In addition to the rearrangement, I bought new sheets and pillowcases--cute ones with poke-it-dots and stripes. They're light green, blue and brown. Housed in my pillowcases are two brand new pillows. I figured, new year, new sheets, new pillows. Sounds like a motivational book title :).

Still, my favorite part about my new room is the new hope and energy it has instilled within me. Its serving as a symbol of the new semester and a newer and happier life. Its going to be filled with independent walls and poke-it-dot crazy days.

Heck, my friend and I are even planning a cruise for the next new year. Boo-yah. I like new things :).


Tiffany J said...

sounds very feng shui (or however you spell it) to me!! I recommend leaving for your cruise from a Ft Lauderdale or Miami port, and CALL ME!!! We'll do lunch :)

raprettyman said...

Maybe you need a room divider with a sound barrier as well. Gross! Good luck with that.

Jenny said...

Tamra, Tamra, Tamra-I love you! I'm sure your room just looks great and I hope your year has been all you had planned so far! I'm jealous about that cruise-it will be great!

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