Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Family Curse

Im not one to complain, but my current situation calls for some online murmuring. I am sitting at the Sao Paulo Airport. I am suppose to be on a plane headed for Belem; unfortunately, my USA flight decided to be 1.5 hours late, and I missed my flight by 5 minutes. Now, my 21 LONG travel hours just turned into 30.

Why the murmuring? I think my family is cursed with airline travel. Let me cite a couple examples to convince you of the reality of this horrible plague.

#1-When I was 18, I traveled to Michigan with my family to attend my brother´s wedding. When we arrived at the airport, the luggage with all the wedding apparel was missing.

#2 When I was 20, I traveled to Ohio to visit my brother and sister in-law. On the way back, Delta lost my luggage. They offered to deliver it to my house, and i agreed to it. My bag arrived at 3:00 a.m. in shreds. My steel curling iron was in halves and my pictures and scriptures needed ironing.

#3 When I was 22, my parents traveled to pick me up in Sao Paulo from the mission. They lost their flight by 2 minutes. When we went home, they cancelled our last flight.

Ah the joys of travel. Yet the funniest part is, I keep getting on airplanes. Because despite the trial that comes with airline travle, the blessing of visiting loved friends far out weighs the los baggage and cancelled flights.

Plus, its 90 degress outside, so how can I complain?


Jenny said...

I have a clear memory of that night Delta delivered your mangled bag, so funny, especially in hindsight. :) Hope you eventually make it to your destination and have a fantastic vacation!

Sylvia said...

I think this comes from traveling so much. :) Also, how were you 21 when your parents picked you up from the mission? ;) Enjoy your time in Brazil for me!

megnm said...

I hope everything gets better and you have a great time in Brazil!

alainapaina said...

Wow that is no fun, I can sympathize with that....on one international flight, hubby and I got stuck in Atlanta for 23 hours, and last Christmas they lost our bag that had all the presents in it. I usually recommend delta but after hearing about your mangled bag I may think twice! Hope you have a really great time, enjoy the weather and tell Joelma that I said HI!!

Stephanie said...

And don't forget poor Jenny and Ben last Christmas! It's true, it's a curse!

Hope your vacation is FABULOUS--you deserve a really good, stress free break (full of Brazilian goodies).