Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blessings of Brazil

After complaining about my horrible airline experience, I thought I might share a little bit of the blessing it has been to be here in Brasil again.

#1: Brazil has reminded me of the power of sisterhood. I believe God intended women to become friends to help one another support the trials of life. As Joelma and I have spent endless hours talking about life and its joys and discomforts, I have been uplifted and inspired to become a better person. I have been reminded that no distance or years can separate true friends.

#2: My trip has taught me I need to enjoy life more. I love how Brazilians stop in the middle of the day to sit down together for lunch. After the meal, they do not run off to work or to study, instead they enjoy each others company. They laugh, talk and eat some more. I think I´ve learned once again that it is more important to enjoy the people around us, than to ensure everything on my ´to do´ list gets done.

#3: My travels have allowed me to serve. Last night an American Elder passed by Joelma´s house. As incredible as it may seem, I had brought extra packages of american food not knowing why. Im sure you can imagine this missionary´s happiness when I handed him a brownie mix, a faijta mix, brown sugar, and chocolate chips. He arrived tired and left smiling. Its amazing how through small and simple things, God blesses our lives.

#4: Brazil reminded me of inner beauty. On my second night here, I had the chance to do everyone´s hair using my hot rollers. Every lady left feeling more confident and more like a princess.

#5 Brazil helped me to remember that it doesnt matter our circumstance (single or married, rich or poor, American or Brazilian),God still loves us all. More importantly He helps us feel of his love by allowing us to have maravelous experiences. His tender mercies are all around us, and if we look more diligently for His Hand in our lives, we will feel more fulfilled and sastified with our lives.

Brazil has definitely been a blessing, and Im looking forward to seeing the beautiful United States once again.


Pri Rebicki Prestes said...

hot rollers reminde me you so much! especially sundays mornings... :)

love the post

Stephanie said...

I'd love to see a picture of you, surrounded by beautiful curly-haired friends!

I hope your trip was relaxing! It's just like you to give so much service on a vacation.

Jenny said...

Glad you've had such a wonderful time! I hope your flight back goes more smoothly. :) And, thanks for the great reminders as to what life is really all about-I need to reminded about #2 almost every day!

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