Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rocking the technology :)

I've gone mobile...Yup that means I can blog from my phone now. I have not decided if this mobile technology is a pro or con yet. But for a girl living in a new town it definitely has its perks, it gives me the ability to talk with friends in stillwater, Logan and Brazil all at the same time. Plus it will also provide some much needed entertainment during an eight-hour employee orientation (what could any hr office talk about for eight hours?)

Still my enthusiasm for my new phone also has some cautions-as much as I'd love to side with the peeps who claim socializing via technology is the same as face-to-face, I have to disagree. I'm delighted I can keep up with my old friends via text, Facebook and Twitter, but I think I will still find myself longing for the sound of their laughs and the charm of their smiles. Honestly I used to believe you could really get to know someone via online communication, but as I met with a dear friend last night, I realized that after months of online chats and text messages, I recognized how silly my claim has been that I really understood him. Tis better to say I understood a small part of him. Sure, I'll always be an advocate for all forms of communication, but as in all things we must have a good mixture to stay balanced.

Still, I plan to rock my technology.


Jenny said...

I am calling you tomorrow! Hope all is well!

megnm said...

Wait a minute...Although you are rocking at your new job, wish you were going back to school with us tomorrow. (Plus, we have snow). Anyways, can't wait to catch up soon!!