Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Current Destination: Arrived or On Route?

Master Degree Recipient.
Marketing Specialist at Dream Job.
Inhabitant of big office on the second floor (window included).
Independent Salary and Apartment.

Sure, the feminist community would throw confetti at my current situation. They may even praise me up and down for my accomplishments. Yet, somehow I remain puzzled on how I even arrived at my current destination.

I believe the journey began at my brother's house in Sao Paulo, Brazil, nearly five years ago. As a recently returned missionary, I was browsing the computer for university programs, praying desperately for some type of program, (any type to be honest) to catch my eye so that I might transfer to Utah State for "one-of-those-ever-attractive-boys-i-was-sure-I-was-going-to-marry." My eyes landed on Agricultural Communications.

A few months later, I browsing again when I discovered a new branding program in our state called Utah's Own. My thoughts: Maybe I'll work for them someday.

Fast forward 5 years: I have a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Communications and hold the title of Marketing Information Specialist at Utah's Own. Five short years, and my casual thoughts have become reality.

However, the irony of my situation, is my situation. (yes, I know that sounds like a line out of Hamlet).

I refer you back to the reason I was browsing online to switch universities: I was going to marry THAT boy. I wanted to follow the path of my sister, sister-in-laws, mom and grandmas. My professional aspirations for the past 5 years have always included only two titles: Executive Wife and Soccer Mom :). Still, I won't complain about the few titles and experiences that I have acquired in my job search. Consider them internships for my desired position.

Yes folks, in some instances I have arrived professionally ... BUT, be assured, I'm still on route for bigger and better titles. One day I'll be someone's mom.


That Girl said...

Yes, you will. And s/he'll be VERY lucky, too.

Shannon said...

Hey friend. I needed a mental escape at work just now and happily happened upon your blog and a new post! I love your thoughts and just want to reaffirm to you that there's a Mr. out there who is going to discover you one day and be over-the-moon happy about it. Until then, thank you for your example of continuing to live your life - and doing it well. Love ya!