Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As licoes de uma crianca

Happy Girl
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As licoes de uma crianca: Lessons from a small child.

Do you ever find yourself stressing over small things? At the beginning of a new semester, its seems like the smallest things can send my mind into a whirlwind of "oh my gosh" and "will I make it?"

I confess most of my anxiety comes from my personality. I confess I'm a perfectionist and I hate failure.

However, I often notice when I recognize my weakness I become more humble and teachable. For example, tonight I spent the night with an old friend and her two beautiful girls. Hannah, the two year old, became my instant best friend. We had a party of a time chasing each other around my back yard. When she laughed, I laughed, and when she smiled I smiled. What amazed me the most was Hannah was content with her environment despite its unfamiliarity. She was open to me although we had never met.

How often as adults are we so quick to pose judgement, and so quick to fear! A prophet, named Moses recorded in his personal account when he feared he saw the bitterness of hell. Do we often create our own hell because of our judgements and fears?

The lesson I learned today was simple. Be happy with whatever circumstances the Lord decides to place you in. Laugh often. Smile often. For this is how we all used to be before we allowed the smugness of adulthood to take over.

Instead lets choose as Majorie Hinckley did. She once said, "You can either laugh or cry. I like to laugh because crying gives me a headache."

I hope all of us can learn the simple lessons I did today from a two-year old girl.

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