Thursday, September 4, 2008


"Droga" means ARGH, AHHHHHHH, or an expression used for frustration. I think we cannot have "truthful thoughts" without recognizing the sometimes weakening thoughts that come to us.

For example--it's 11:55, and you were suppose to read and comment for a college assignment. Your natural tendency says, "Make something up, nobody will ever know." However, a mind conscious of "truthful thoughts" will tell you being truthful is more important than some lousy points you would get for an assignment.

I once heard a story about a business man who was traveling with some of his colleagues. For lack of memory, I'll call his name Bob. While at the airport, Bob's friend inserted a quarter into a newspaper vendor and proceeded to take a paper for him, and all of his colleagues. However, when the man tried to hand it to Bob, he refused proclaiming, "Sorry, but my integrity is worth more to me than 25 cents."

That story has always stayed with me. To be true to oneself has more value than any college assignment, 25 cent newspaper, or any fame one could acquire through dishonesty.

So yes, I may yell "Druga" when I forget again that one assignment was due, but at least I'm still being true.

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The Watsons said...

I often use that same kind of story on the YW ... they want to buy immodest clothing because it's cheaper than the modest stuff here. And I tell them that their integrity is worth more than a R$10 shirt.

Thanks for the reminder!

DUDE, I love you ...