Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Solution to Life's Problems--Get a Boyfriend

I think my friends and relatives have found the solution to all life's problems--Get a boyfriend. Amidst all my murmurings and complaints about life's trials, its amazing how much the subject of dating finds its way into our conversations.

Me: I'm frustrated because I cannot find a job.
Sister: Have you been on a date lately?

Me: What do you think about graduate school?
Friend: I think you will be married within the next year.

Me: I need to go for a horseback ride.
Friend: Have you thought about taking a hot boy with you?

Me: Can you give me a massage?
Sister: That's what boyfriends are for.

However, my truthful thought on Friday night is:
Me: What should I do tonight? Dude, I wish I had a boyfriend.


That Girl in Brazil said...


Me. Computer room. Just now.

Go get on that horse and then treat yourself to a hot bath and some ice cream. Alone.

Jenny said...

You are clever Tamra! You were right, your post made me laugh. Thanks for making me smile both on the phone and through your blog! Oh yeah, fyi, our blog is

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