Monday, May 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Memories have interesting characteristics. They can move one to laugh, cringe, sigh or cry. I had a weekend full of memory recall.

I spent the majority of Thursday and Sunday evening packing up my old room. As I folded my FFA blue corduroy jackets with "North Sanpete" and "Association" listed on the back, I cried. The tears were a bit confusing; for they came not from a longing or regret, rather, I believe they were shed in the sweetness of gratitude.

Today, was full of more memories. I spent the day cleaning and oiling my old saddles. As I scrubbed, I thought of all the places I had been in them. Flashbacks on pre-show nerves fluttered in my stomach as I brushed circles of dirt off the english dressage saddle. It was the first expensive saddle I ever (or probably will ever) own. With its help and a lot of pratice, Exacaliber (my valiant thoroughbred-quater horse cross) and I won a 5th place ribbon at the state english show. I spent five years working for such a placing.

As I started on my western saddle, I easily saw myself racing up green-alfalfa fields on a fat black and white pony with the wind rushing by my cheeks; I could fly in those days. As I completed my task, I could not help but long for the carefree summer days I spent in those saddles. I also thought of all the blue ribbions Oreo and I won in a used $100 saddle. I guess it taught me one didn't need the fancy saddle to win.

Still, I had to say goodbye. The FFA jacket is packed in a box and the saddles will be sold tomorrow.

Yet the memories I made will endure forever.

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Jenny said...

Ah! Why are you selling the saddles?! You are almost making me cry! But, on a lighter note, I love your last picture. Thanks for sharing!

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