Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spontaneity Gone Bad

Call me a perfectionist.

I wanted the fairy tale sort of a day. I would be the fair maiden waiting at the top of the mountain.

As you can see, my truck had a different story line.

Meet stutters. He's a full cousin to Mater off of the Pixar movie Cars. He's a manly sort of truck, so obviously he wanted a more masculine encounter.

As I was driving on 9th East in Provo towards my favorite spot, Stutters decided to sacrifice part of himself to transform me into the Damsel in Distress. His clutch busted into pieces, leaving me helpless.

So I called an Elder from my mission...He was my district leader 5 years ago. He played the part of hero. Not exactly the prince that I envisioned, but I was grateful.

We hiked the mountain together, he thought I was crazy.

What a fairy tale.

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