Monday, May 31, 2010

The P-Town Sliders

Memorial Day was named to honor those who had gone before; especially those veterans who had passed on fighting for our freedom. Oftentimes it is so easy to forget those honored men who dreamed and lived for liberty.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been involved with another dreamer; one who believes freedom should be remembered through music. He and his buddies met together to form the P-Town Sliders, a trombone-band dedicated to making patriotism personified. They play old arranged tunes like Yankee Doodle and God Bless America. Mostly, they just play so others can remember the songs that helped create the feeling behind freedom.

Its been fun to be a part of such a group. I created their logo and I thought all of you'd like to see. For a video of their first performance click here.


megnm said...

Love the logo!!! They were pretty good too :)

Jennetta said...

Well megnm stole my line. I also love the logo. You did a great job on it.